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The Publican’s Backstory

Some may ask, why Nick and Nicky – what do they know about running a pub? And why Chalgrove of all places?

Lets take it back a notch and look at Nick’s family to really understand the provenance of this choice to become a publican… again.

Nick grew up having been born into a family of publicans and some of his earliest memories were selling choc ices in his father’s pub, sitting on the bar. Moving across the country as his father and mother took on different establishments: The Cups Pub in Maldon, The Cutting Edge Pub in Barnsley, The Ship Inn in Barnsley, The Hertfordshire Arms in St Albans, The Fisherman Pub in Stevenage, The Victory Hotel in Colchester, The Jolly Farmer Pub in Guildford, The Eight Bells Pub in Saffron Walden, The Case is Altered in Eastcote and The Three Horseshoes in Seer Green among them.


We can’t decide if this is Nick in the arms of his father at the pub or his sister Debbie – either way he included them wherever he could.

Bob sadly passed away in 2019 and to commemorate the memory of this amazing man, we added a hidden anchor to the logo of The Crown, Chalgrove. See if you can spot it!

Nick’s wife Nicky has been by his side for many years, and as a couple they have grown from strength to strength spending many years of their lives in High Wycombe. As their children grew older, they sought a more family oriented area, out in the country a bit with a safe environment for their kids. The day they drove through Chalgrove and had a quiet pint at The Crown whilst viewing properties, they knew that Chalgrove was ‘their place’. Little did they know The Crown would be theirs within months too.

Nicky’s parents, John and Lesley were a major part in taking the brave step into pub ownership. As well as raising Nicky to be the hard working lady you see today, they have played a major part in helping with Nick and Nicky’s children, Harrison and Molly. From Financial help to emotional support, John and Lesley have been the families rock! With Nick’s dad passing away, John has become like a father to Nick and often comes from his home in High Wycombe to sample a Rebellion ale with his family here in Chalgrove.

So now you have the why, the only part left is the question: Why not pop in for a drink and meet the Shaws @ The Crown, where everyone is welcome!

About Bob

Bob is Nick’s father

He started in the navy as chief petty officer after leaving and meeting his wife Diane (and a few jobs in between) they started in the pub trade as managers for several breweries. They were well respected in the industry and became trainer managers – the breweries would send other publicans to them to learn the trade and live in and get hands-on experience in busy pubs. Eventually they bought their own pub in Seer Green to run as a family business which he retired from in 2012 due to ill health

He was the landlord, chef, quiz master and in-house DJ and well known for his Wednesday lunchtime ‘55’ club (special lunches for the elderly).  A natural entertainer he found ways to engage his regulars and involve everyone in new games and activities. 

Bob loved a pint of Guinness or a Bacardi and lemonade. His pubs ran Sunday night quizzes, discos and karaoke.  He loved darts and snooker and always had the sport on for the regulars. He did fundraising for the village sports teams in the summer with bbqs and pig roast and once had a pet pot bellied pig which he rescued and called ‘Kevin’ after one of the regulars in the pub.

He loved 60’s music and would play: ‘Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye’ by the Ovaltineys at the end of the night to signal home time.

The apple has not fallen far from the tree in Nick and his family continue to support and help each other.

The beautiful flowers below were done by Nick’s mum, Diane.


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